Matrix Effect

Saw a tutorial and just had to do it. It was fun and taught me a bit about JavaScript. It was taught by a person named Dark Seryth. This was my result:


Not bad. And it looks really cool. When the code is loading run on a browser, it animates. Good times.



Hacker Rank


I’m still working my way through the Java basics. I’d probably be further along but I keep getting distracted. The thing that distracts me is that I like to code in Python. Beyond that, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to learn better how to thing like a programmer. So, I’ve plunged myself into another website called Hacker Rank. Among other things on this site is the ability to participate in various coding challenges. They are fun and challenging. Since I am more familiar with Python, I have been attempting these challenges in that language. Perhaps in the future I’ll try the same challenges in Java.

I’ve also been thinking about getting more into JavaScript. JavaScript seems to be used everywhere nowadays. There are plenty of online tutorials about that. One thing is for sure, the more I code, the more I want to code. It’s addicting.

The Deep End

I’ve spent the last few weeks slowly learning Java. I really have a ton to learn. The more I study it, the deeper it seems to go. I’m still learning from Bucky Roberts, but this time I went through how to use Javafx to make a gui. Here is my result:


Nothing spectacular but I did add some functionality–the ability to save the name typed in the name field to a txt document (acting as a database). Needless to say, I still have a long way to go.

Learning Java

JavaI’ve decided that I need to learn Java. One of the greatest resources for learning how to code in almost any language is tutorials by Bucky Roberts at his New Boston YouTube channel. Check it out: The New Boston. This is a great resource for anyone who is new to coding or if they are just new to a particular language. I got my start with development in Python, as many new coders do, and learning Java via The New Boston is actually not that tough since it’s just learning new syntax for stuff I already know how to do. But Mr. Roberts does a fantastic job at explanation even if you’re a total noob.


New Beginnings


I need to do something else. I’m tired of my job. Actually, I’m just tired of dealing with children all day. I know it’s kind of a negative thought. And if I had to go on teaching until I retired, I could live with that . . . but I’m yearning to do something else.

I know . . . at least I have a job. I can provide for my family. I get summers and Christmas off. I teach the best students in the school. I shouldn’t complain. I shouldn’t be making a big deal . . .

But . . .

I need to do something else.